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Butler Township Mission Statement

The mission of the Butler Township Board of Trustees is to foster pride in community, provide prompt, courteous service to the public, to ensure fiscal solvency and public accountability, to keep the roads maintained and upgraded while preserving and protecting our land, and to operate within the parameters of the laws of the state of Ohio while making certain Butler Township remains an enjoyable and safe place to reside.


Did you know?

Although Butler Township does not have official zoning, there are many things the Board of
Trustees can do. Ohio has many different Revised Codes that give township trustees the ability to control many types of nuisances. Below are just a few that have been used in the past:
1. Junk vehicles-removal
2. General trash and tires-removal
3. Unmaintained grass-mowed
4. Disposal of unsafe structures
5. Barking dog ordinance

The township is currently working on numerous grass and junk removals in the township.

If you see an area of concern, please contact one of the township trustees. This is an important part of keeping our community safe and upholding the integrity of living we all enjoy.

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